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4 thoughts on “*Meet Our Designers

  1. I’m looking for the QP kits for On my Honor and Do a Good Turn Daily and have been unable to locate them. I saw them today for the first time at

    My youngest son’s Eagle Court of Honor is this Sunday, Feb. 15, and I’m thinking about putting together a scrapbook in a hurry.

    Are these QP kits available online somewhere? And can a digital novice use these and have something done fairly quickly?

    Thanks in advance,

    ~Teryl Z.

  2. I would be grateful in learning how each of you learned digiscrapping as a hobby (programs, how-to’s, do’s and don’ts, tips of the trade, mistakes you’ve made, best way to learn besides just jump in, one thing you can’t live without in the digiscrap world, etc.) and then specifically how you took your hobby and turned it into a business. Please be very specific. I am a CPA (not the typical green-shade accountant but a creative CPA :)) who loves traditional scrapbooking. We just became empty-nesters and my husband and I are considering early retirement and doing some traveling cross-country and enjoying our lake cabin. I can’t take my whole basement with me so I’m thinking digiscrapping is the way to go. Your suggestions for my hobby and as a business are greatly appreciated. Thanks and Blessings to you All! Joleen

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